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Privacy Policy

The elements contained in this document have been prepared solely for the purpose of information and do not constitute an offer, in particular a prospectus on any invitation to treat, buy or sell any security or to participate in any trading strategy. This document is only intended for professional investors. While particular attention has been paid to the contents of this document, no guarantee, warranty or representation, express or implied, is given to the accuracy, correctness or completeness thereof. Any information given in this document may be subject to change or update without notice. Neither ROC Investment Ltd. nor any other company or unit belonging to ROC Investment Ltd., nor any of its officers, directors or employees can be held direct nor indirect liable or responsible with respect to the information and / or recommendations of any kind expressed herein.

The information contained in this document cannot be understood as provision of investment services. If you wish to obtain investment services please contact our office for advice. The use of the information in this document is solely at your risk. No direct or indirect liability is held for any loss sustained or incurrent by readers as a result of using this publication or basing any decisions on it. Investment sustains risk. Please note that the value of your investment may rise or fall and also that past performance is not indicative of future results and shall in no event be deemed as such.

This presentation and information contained herein is confidential and must not be copied, reproduced, distributed or passed to any person at any time without our prior written consent. Any claims arising out of or in connection with the terms and conditions of this disclaimer are governed by Swiss law.