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As a fully independent wealth management firm ROC is in position to offer a complete open architecture platform throughout the entire wealth management universe. Based on our partners long-standing experience and high level of expertise we are permanently focussed to find the best solutions for our clients in terms of investment return, financing, custodial relationships and estate planning. We work in accordance with the highest standards of the financial industry and the regulatory authority.


We think and act independently, performing thorough analysis of potential financial market trends and modelling scenarios that underpin our investments and long-term capital preservation strategies. We act on our intelligence and our beliefs, independently from the collective approval of our industry. Safety can no longer be achieved by mainstream thinking but by standing for what seems right and appropriate to us at the time anticipating future developments and their impacts.


Consistency and trust is at the heart of our relationships with our clients. ROC’s partners are all shareholders which is the best guarantee to think and act long-term. Banks in contrast often suffer from a high employee and management fluctuation. With our modern and forward-looking business setup we are well prepared for managing upcoming regulatory challenges and for assuring ROC’s continuity.

«Banking is necessary.

Banks are not.»

 (Bill Gates)

True independence is an essential precondition for a more successful wealth management.

Is your current

wealth manager

really independent ?